Africa, Tech and Girls part 3: Sina Legong, Raeketsetsa

Africa, Tech and Girls part 3: Sina Legong, Raeketsetsa

sinaThis week we had the opportunity to have a chat with the lovely Sina Legong, General Manager of Geekulcha.

1 . Tell us more about yourself  and how you got into tech?
I was raised in soshanguve and after completing high school, went on to study BSc in computer science with the university of Greenwich.

Computer science  was never my first choice, I initially studies Marine engineering 8 years ago. I was not satisfied with computer science. I always wondered why should I waste years studying about a machine which humans made. “Study naturally occurring phenomena” my mind argued.For me java and C# were like Ibu and french (two foreign languages). When I was taught array was series of memory locations, I imagined it as series of hard disks kept on the floor. I was frightened to study programming. To cut the long story short, things started to change when I slowly understood the concepts of computing. Coding is just a part of computer science, a way to express what you thought. The whole course of computer science was just a puzzle for me, however when all the pieces started to fit in, I found that I loved the course.

From each subject I learned something which made sense. just to name a few:

  1. Digital Systems – you learn how gates interact, how the digital circuits help you play your game, or watch a movie in your system.
  2. Computer Organization –  you get answers to even silliest of the doubts. You study how the human body is organized with many systems.
  3. Data Structures – teaches you creative thinking, how to store your data with some rule or function. There comes the magic of data structures.
  4. Databases – so what if you know to identify the data with some features, you learn how to store and manage efficient data.
  5. System Software – like arteries and veins; loaders, linkers and assemblers help you maintain the system.
  6. Theory of computation – What is computing ?. Can you solve everything under the world with this machine?. You get answers to this
  7. Algorithm Design and Analysis – If you know how to make coffee, can you make it tasty and fast. Yeah, we study to write a solution to common day problems. My personal favorite.
  8. Communication and Networks – So we studied the parts and how to give inputs and make the computer understand.

This constitutes computer science. The puzzle fits when you put all pieces together.Right from when you log in into Facebook to log out all the pieces work together to help you.You get a satisfaction when you understand the concepts ‘behind the scenes’.For me interest in computer science is still growing and with coding, I am still getting there lol. That’s how I got into the tech space.

2. Now, Raeketsatsa , tell us more about it and how it started.
Raeketsetsa (We are doing it for ourselves) is an ICT young women’s movement, which is aimed at re-instilling the confidence of young women in this field, raising awareness of their strengths and equipping them with the necessary skills that will in future, boost the number of South African women involved in the ICT sector.
Raeketsetsa became active in 2015. Every month, we host meet-up’s, where we invite young woman in the ICT fraternity, from high school to tertiary and basically every other lady interested to attend. The meet ups consist of various programmes that teach these ladies the necessary skills required in the ICT industry.

3. Why girls, why technology?
Most people have the misconception that I.T is only for men and you can only have an I.T guy and not an I.T girl or I.T lady. Even in the industry you have to prove that you know your stuff before people acknowledge you as one of(the boys or men). This is why we are here to re-instill that confidence in young girls to show that they are just as capable.

4. What does Raeketsetsa look like in 20, 60 or even 100
We are Looking at providing  young women with a nurturing environment to technology based business ideas to prosper and become viable contributors to our community and economy. This is also to bring academia and industry closer to each other by providing students and universities with a platform to commercialize their research,final year projects and other technology based business ideas.  And I believe will happen pretty soon.

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