Lebogang Madise – My Role in the tech space

Lebogang Madise – My Role in the tech space

My name is Lebogang Madise and I’ve recently started redefining my role in the tech-space to be more focused. I started off with developing apps targeting devices that run on the Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 platform where I acquired knowledge and skills that can be used in executing any software development project.

My primary role at the moment is that of a Facilitator and representative of mLab SA in the Western Cape region. In that role my goal is to provide entrepreneurs and mobile developers with the support they need to develop innovative mobile applications and services; furthermore, I am mostly involved in the co-creation of new innovative solutions working with talent from academic institutions and partners in Industry through the Demola Network program.

In 2015 I founded my own company and named it after my popular developer name, Fruitymo. FRUITYMO is an Edu-Tech company whose main focus areas are: Learn, Develop and Consult. The Learn division is where my passion lies the most: teaching people how to code. To date, I have been fortunate to have taught over 500 learners how to code from as young as 7 years right through to university level. The Develop division of the company focuses on software development projects for SMEs and lastly the Consult division is where free-lance developers and SMEs seek project management advice.

One of my roles is that of the IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Coordinator, in this role I coordinate Student Branches in over 56 countries in Europe, Middle- East and Africa, helping them take advantage of the opportunities IEEE has for students and also helping them grow their membership by ensuring they remain active. Through my involvement in many outreach projects, I have recently been appointed to be part of the IEEE Region 8 Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) committee. In this role, I facilitate SIGHT formation groups across Africa and locally I help strategise and execute projects to help alleviate some of the challenges disadvantaged communities face.

I am also an Ambassador for South Africa in the IEEE-Academic grassroots project of which I engage with university professors and students around the country about devising ways of helping learners in South African schools overcome their problem areas in Mathematics and Physics. The project focuses on creating content to explain pre-university Mathematics and Physics concepts in native African languages.

When I am not being too serious, I enjoy writing and have recently self-published a children’s book titled: “Pitso” and will be a featured writer in an online Crèches Magazine.

In my introduction, I mentioned that I am redefining my role in the tech-space and by that I mean, whilst I love and enjoy doing all the above things and more, I believe to really make a dent in the universe, one needs to invite more people to do the same thing which will have an even greater impact that will last beyond my life-time.

By: Lebogang Madise

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